Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ask a Question, Get an Answer

I'm not sure who put this sticky note on a picture in the basement of our library sometime between 11am and 2pm on Monday, March 11th, but they'd be better served by asking someone, maybe a librarian, about it. We handle a lot of questions that one might consider embarrassing on a daily basis, and we're happy to answer them.

"WHY?" is an interesting question. Why did someone donate these? Better yet, why display them? I tried to answer both those questions in a manner just as passive-aggressive as the question.

On Sunday, March 17th, someone took down my sign, but added this.

YOLO, indeed.

Here's a closer look at the plaque that explains the existence of this artwork.

Hey, ask a question, get an answer. But next time, please ask in person, or on the phone, or via email, and not in a way that puts sticky notes on items in the library. Items can be damaged by such notes, and we don't want that. Thank you.


  1. I have some very similar paintings in my library, except mine are Battlefield Earth. Is it a Mid Atlantic thing, do you think?

    1. Maybe. We've got one from Battlefield Earth as well.